REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins

The deadly peril in Venezuela

If Venezuela burns, the United States will feel the heat. Like a nearby brush fire, the Venezuelan civil war threatens to erupt in a conflagration that will disrupt life throughout the hemisphere. Americans are accustomed to watching tinderboxes from half a world away, but this one is too close for comfort. Venezuela has become emblematic […]


US-led Coalition Strikes Pro-Syrian Government Forces

The U.S.-led coalition has conducted airstrikes against pro-Syrian government forces near Syria’s border with Jordan. A U.S. defense official told VOA Thursday pro-Syrian government forces were operating in an “established deconfliction zone” near al-Tanf border crossing when a coalition commander on the ground deemed the force a threat to his troops. The coalition-backed troops used […]

Desert Operations Training

Possible US Troop Increase in Afghanistan Aimed at Breaking Stalemate

U.S. President Donald Trump is considering whether to send up to 5,000 additional troops to Afghanistan, a decision expected to come before a NATO summit on May 25. But the question being asked is what can the U.S. achieve with such a small number of extra troops in a country where 350,000 Afghan security forces […]


US Sanctions Iranians, Chinese Network Over Ballistic Missile Program

The United States Treasury says it has designated seven targets in connection with Iran’s ballistic missile program, including a defense official who facilitated the sale of explosives and provided other support to Syria. The Office of Foreign Assets Control said Wednesday that another of the seven targets is the director of the organization responsible for […]


Israeli intelligence agents furious with Trump

Israeli intelligence officials are reported to be furious with President Donald Trump, over his sharing of classified intelligence with Russia. According to BuzzFeed News, the Israeli officials say “their worst fears” have been confirmed. The intelligence allegedly concerned the danger of ISIS planting a bomb in a laptop carried on board a US-bound plane. American […]