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Type ICAO Operator Location Heading Altitude Speed Sqk
Raytheon Aircraft Company T-6A Efroni 738B43 Israeli Air Force Israel S 14600 294 6503
Raytheon T-6A Efroni 738A5B Israeli Air Force Israel W 16450 110 6507
Raytheon T-6A Efroni 738A63 Israeli Air Force Israel 9775 214 6513
Boeing C-17A Globemaster III AE2FAD US Air Force Maine NE 19925 408 3402
Douglas KC-10A Extender AE022F US Air Force Japan SW 18075 361 6054
Raytheon T-6A Efroni 738A65 Israeli Air Force
7175 6505
Lockheed C-130J Hercules 738B4B Israeli Defense Force
2950 3606
Beechcraft Corp King Air B350 4B82D5 Turkish Police
17000 5165
Lockheed C-130J-30 Hercules AE4AF5 US Air Force
26000 1543
Lockheed KC-130T Hercules AE03D8 US Marine Corps
11875 5302

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Last updated 2018-12-14 06:40:01 GMT

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4 Comments on "Active Military Aircraft"

  1. It’s fixed, however, keep in mind there will be down times while new updates are being developed.

  2. When (please) will this tool or a replacement be back online?? Handy app has been offline for over 2 weeks now.

  3. Ex-military friend spotted 3 helicoptertype planes flying South to North last week over our little town of Grants, NM. Told him to keep an eye out & get pix next time..

  4. There’s a shitload been flying out of fort worth

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