Saudi-led Airstrikes in Yemen Come to an End

A few mainstream news outlets are reporting that the Saudi-led air campaign in Yemen has come to an end, having “achieved its military goals”.  However, it’s likely that this part of the overall mission, will be replaced by a ground operation against the rebels that still remain in the country.


Pentagon Sending Mixed Signals about Naval Deployment to Yemen

The Pentagon appears to be sending mixed signals regarding U.S. ships having been deployed to the Arabian Sea. Early Yesterday, mainstream outlets reported that the purpose of this buildup of naval strength near Yemen, was to intecept an Iranian armada of ships that the U.S. believed, was intent on re-arming anti-government fighters in Yemen.  This would […]


U.S. Navy to Intercept Iranian Ships At Yemen

Update: In a well-prepared statement last night, Pentagon spokesman, Colonel Steve Warren, said that U.S. officials are “keeping a very close eye on maritime activities in that region,” but suggested that the increased naval presence in the Arabian Sea, is not related to the prevention of Iranian arms shipments to Yemen rebels. “The USS Theodore Roosevelt is repositioning to conduct […]