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Al-Qaida Group Declares War on Islamic State

Militants in Libya with links to Al-Qaida declared a holy war on Islamic State terror organization following the death of a senior leader. Skirmishes took place over the course of several hours and left 11 people dead, including a high ranking commander.


Video: Russian Jets Buzz Major NATO Exercise

A sailor from the USS San Antonio, managed to capture video of two Russian jets flying over a NATO maritime drill in the Baltic Sea. The jets flew at high speed while maintaining a low altitude, over dozens of ships that were conducting these exercises in international waters.


Mushroom-Shaped Cloud over Russia Results in Panic

Russians went into a panic today when they saw what appeared to be a nuclear explosion in the city of Tyumen, located in south-central Russia. Fears of World War III flooded social media as people interpreted this sighting as a nuclear first-strike carried out by the United States.


The Untold War

“The world will be surprised by what we and the Syrian military leadership are preparing for the coming days,” Iran’s official IRNA state news agency quoted the general as saying Tuesday.