Missing U.S. Helicopter In Nepal Found

UPDATE: Nepal military now claims to have seen three bodies near the wreckage.  A U.S. Marines helicopter that went missing on Tuesday, has been spotted, according to the Nepal Army. A wreckage was reportedly found in the mountains very near the Chinese border.


Chinese Furious about U.S. Military Buildup in South China Sea

Chinese officials are angered by an announcement coming from the United States, that indicated a potential U.S. military buildup in the South China Sea. Hua Chunying, China’s foreign ministry spokeswoman said, “We are severely concerned by relevant remarks made by the American side.”


Iran Denies Search of Aid Shipment to Yemen

A ship en route to Yemen, that Iran says is carrying humanitarian aid, cannot be searched for weapons. Iran officials have said, “Permission to inspect the ship carrying humanitarian aid from Iran will not be given to countries participating in the Yemen conflict,” and warned that a “fire might start” if any attempt to search the […]