Chinese Warships En Route to Syria

IBD reported that Russian and Chinese officials confirmed China having several warships en route to Syria to assist Russia in supporting the Assad regime against the US-backed rebels.


Blasts In Turkey Kill 86, Injure Scores

UPDATE: 9:55 a.m. EDT — At least 86 people were killed and 186 were injured in the two explosions at a peace rally in the Turkish capital Ankara Saturday, according to government officials cited by BBC News. UPDATE: 5:28 a.m. EDT — The death toll from explosions during the Ankara peace rally has reached 30, […]


Alliance chief says troops could be sent into Turkey

Divisions between members over Ukraine and IS may hamper organization’s unified response NATO said it was prepared to send troops to Turkey to defend its ally after violations of Turkish airspace by Russian jets bombing Syria. Officials at the US-led alliance are still smarting from Russia’s brief weekend incursions into Turkey’s airspace near northern Syria, […]


Chinese navy looms as Russia strikes Syrian rebels

(Wikimedia) TEL AVIV – As Russia’s Caspian Sea fleet launched precision-guided cruise missiles at Syrian rebel positions, a Chinese naval vessel continued to loom menacingly in the background, maintaining its presence in the Mediterranean Sea amid Chinese denials that the People’s Liberation Army will enter the Syrian conflict. A Middle Eastern defense official affirmed the […]