North Korea fires missile towards northeast Japan

UPDATE: Missile fired by North Korea appears to have passed over Japan towards the Pacific Ocean – NHK. Details soon. North Korea has fired a missile towards northeast Japan, prompting the Japanese government to issue an emergency warning and urge residents to seek shelter immediately. Only few details were immediately available. (more) Credit: KCNA The […]


Iraqi forces poised for victory over IS in Tal Afar

Iraqi forces backed by local militia and a US-led coalition were poised Sunday to drive the Islamic State group from the city of Tal Afar, dealing another blow to the jihadists. Just a week after authorities announced an offensive to push the jihadists from one of their last major urban strongholds in Iraq, the Joint […]

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Venezuela holds military exercises after US threat

Venezuela is holding two days of nationwide armed forces exercises and has called on civilians to join reserve units to defend against a possible attack by the US. War planes, tanks, and hundreds of thousands of troops and reserves were deployed along with civil militia members. Venezuela’s display of military might comes in response to […]


Trump Accused of Using Hurricane Harvey as Cover

Democrat Chuck Schumer has accused Donald Trump of using the approach of Hurricane Harvey as a screen to avoid criticism for controversial acts such as the pardon of Joe Arpaio and a memo that barred transgender individuals from serving in the U.S. military. Schumer’s comments come after Trump announced Friday that he would push ahead […]