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  1. Maybe useful…Piotr Levachov (Maria Levachova husband. From RT) arrested on US demand

  2. Your Twitter account is gone since a couple of days. What happened?

  3. Hello, i have a question for you guys: why don’t you implement a map with all the conflicts around the globe? Something like this:
    I think it will be very useful to see the big picture…

    • I’ve personally been wanting to do this, but so far haven’t had the time to write the necessary code to accomplish this. Nevertheless, it is an excellent suggestion, so for the time being, I’ve included a link in the header to the example you provided. Thanks for visiting War Monitor.

  4. You guys need to update your website more frequently.

    • The holidays are a busy time for everybody. Sometimes it is just that there is nothing new to report. War Monitor doesn’t post a different ‘reworded’ article providing the same news that was covered the day before, though some outlets do this. We do have affilates whome we share content with, while other articles are exclusive to War monitor. We are a small operation and work hard to keep the website updated, but sometimes we simply lack the manpower to cover every single event at any given moment. We do strive however, to publish content and breaking news that many mainstream outlets (who are able to cover the entire world) are simply unwilling to print.

  5. Please email your request to [email protected]. Different images have different distribution rights, so also identify the specific image which you would like to use as well. Thanks.

  6. The British Empire, now known as a Commonwealth, and its American partners, are the prime causation of modern warfare. The coordinating organization is “The Pilgrims Society,” and I am a touch surprised that this site appears to have not yet become familiar with it. The cognoscenti are well aware that Hitler was created at the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 by Lord Curzon, Henry White and other UK/US diplomats. What is known to far fewer is that they were members of The Pilgrims, schemed in the 1870s by diamond cartel organizer Cecil Rhodes. This group is history’s most powerful influence network and constitutes the last great secret of modern history. It is alone among major globalist organizations in still refusing to post rosters to the public domain Interested parties may care to review the current series “Silver Squelchers and Their Interesting Associates,” especially soon to be released segments regarding military, intelligence and neocons.

  7. I would like to use a picture from your website as a profile picture for a faceboom page about Israel. Please email your terms.
    Best regards

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