Questioning the Need for NATO

-Opinion- Lately, there seems to be a big hype over NATO members not “paying their fair share” and it’s overall burden on the US. However, most of the data presented to the public is based on no more than a set of misconceptions being driven by the political elite. The most popular claim is that […]

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The Cold War is Back

Yesterday, an old cold war veteran reporter by the name of David Martin returned on 60 Minutes to focus on the renewed threat coming from a nuclear Russia. We’ve taken notice of this escalating level of Russian aggression, and their demonstrated willingness to use force to suit the nation’s ambitions. The Russians are clearly carrying out […]

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Turkey prepared ‘purge’ lists prior to coup, says EU leader

Turkey has arrested more than 6,000 during purges of the army and judiciary following the failed coup attempt over the weekend. More than 290 people were killed and some 1,400 wounded in the abortive uprising Friday night and Saturday. While Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blamed an exiled Muslim cleric for inspiring the attempted overthrow […]

Trump Is Unfit to be Our Commander in Chief

On June 11 2010, two of my teammates were killed by a suicide bomber in southern Afghanistan. They were in the local bazaar, along with Afghan police, to purchase medical supplies for Afghans in need. The bomber was a young boy. Mentally disabled, the poor child had no idea what was about to happen when […]

Donald Trump: The Facts

~Opinion~ If you support Donald Trump for President, be forewarned that you may not like the contents of this article. With that being said, readers are encouraged to fact check any statements made for which they do not agree. As a child, and even through some experiences as an adult, I was always taught a person should not […]