Russia dismisses UN report on Syria sarin attack

Russia dismissed Thursday a report by a UN-led panel that blamed the Syrian regime for a sarin attack on the town of Khan Sheikhun and said the use of the substance was part of a “theatrical performance” by rebels. A panel including diplomats and military officers presented Moscow’s version of events complete with diagrams and […]

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U.S. Marines Prep For Potential Conflict with Russia

The U.S. Marine Corps is seriously considering the prospect of a conflict with Russia in Eastern Europe and dedicating more resources to its Marine Expeditionary Force headquarters, Military Times reported Tuesday. A Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) is the largest type of Marine combat force and can include up to 25,000 Marines. In recent years, the […]


Russia Overtakes Saudi Arabia as Top Jihadi Exporter

Russia has replaced Tunisia as the top exporter of foreign fighters to the ranks of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria, according to new figures. A report from the Soufan Group, a security intelligence consultancy based in Washington, D.C., revises down the count for Tunisian foreign fighters in ISIS’s ranks from […]

Tanks entering East Ukraine from Russia.

Fearing Russia, Poland Boosts Army By 50 Percent

Poland’s army will increase the size of its army and introduce a 50,000-strong volunteer militia as fears grow of a military resurgence in neighboring Russia under Vladimir Putin. Ever since Moscow annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 and backed an insurgency in the east of the country, Russia’s neighbors have viewed its military expansion warily. […]


Spain: Catalonia Independence Referendum is ‘Farce’

Spain wants to bring a halt to Sunday’s independence referendum in Catalonia, calling it a “farce.” Enric Millo, Madrid’s representative in Catalonia, said Catalonia’s president Carles Puigdemont and his team “are solely responsible for all that has happened today and for all that can happen if they do not put an end to this farce.” […]