Russian and Chinese Navies Join Forces for Baltic Drill

Russia and China will join forces for a Baltic Sea military drill in late July, rallying around 10 ships for another bout of muscle flexing in the tense region, state news agency Itar-Tass reported Tuesday. The exercise, Marine Cooperation 2017, the latest in a busy summer of drills, will span the last week of July […]

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Russia Points Missile at Ally China

Russia and China are joining forces for historic exercises in the Baltic Sea this month, but recent missile deployments along the two countries’ mutual border in the far east may indicate that both powers hold reservations about the other’s military growth. A fleet of Chinese warships conducted live-fire drills Wednesday in the Mediterranean Sea as […]


US, South Korea, Japan Call for Stiffer Sanctions Against North Korea

Leaders from the United States, South Korea and Japan agreed Friday to urge the United Nations to speed up the implementation of sanctions against North Korea following the country’s July 4 intercontinental missile launch. The three leaders are asking the international community to quickly implement all United Nation’s Security Council resolutions meant to punish North […]


North Korea Says it Can Destroy U.S. After Missile Test

North Korea has made the first, public step toward building a projectile capable of delivering a nuclear attack on the U.S.—and now it’s threatening to do just that if Washington doesn’t back off. After the reclusive, militarized country said Tuesday it launched its first successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), its neighboring rival, […]


N. Korea launches ICBM, US responds with “show of force”

Update 6:50pm EST – After further review, US confirms ICBM launch, responds with Korean “show of force” exercises, firing missiles into the sea. Emergency meeting requested at the UN. Update 3am EST – Despite US official statements, North Korea claims to have successfully launched an ICBM capable of reaching Alaska. Experts in South Korea, Japan, […]