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Type ICAO Operator Location Heading Altitude Speed Sqk
Boeing 737-66N ABCAC9 Janet Airlines Nevada S 14800 354 4650
Boeing C-17A Globemaster III AE146B US Air Force New Jersey NW 5500 227 373
DHC UV-18B Twin Otter A966B1 US Air Force Academy Colorado 12600 2227
Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk AE50DA US Army Alabama E 1800 104 0
HC-130H AE5208 US Coast Guard/US Forest Service California S 2862 1255

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Last updated 2018-08-18 03:20:01 GMT

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4 Comments on "Active Military Aircraft"

  1. It’s fixed, however, keep in mind there will be down times while new updates are being developed.

  2. When (please) will this tool or a replacement be back online?? Handy app has been offline for over 2 weeks now.

  3. Ex-military friend spotted 3 helicoptertype planes flying South to North last week over our little town of Grants, NM. Told him to keep an eye out & get pix next time..

  4. There’s a shitload been flying out of fort worth

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