The Cold War is Back

Yesterday, an old cold war veteran reporter by the name of David Martin returned on 60 Minutes to focus on the renewed threat coming from a nuclear Russia. We’ve taken notice of this escalating level of Russian aggression, and their demonstrated willingness to use force to suit the nation’s ambitions. The Russians are clearly carrying out actions that have not been put into effect since the previous century. Submarine deployments in the high numbers, provocative bomber flights at ever increasing intervals and massive troop buildups along the westernmost border. These are all eerie reminders that date back to the 1980’s. David Martin clearly made the assertion that we are now in a new cold war and that the risk of nuclear attack is on the rise. By publishing this report, CBS boldly pointed out that there is now a new reality that can no longer be ignored.

It seems as if the United States is undergoing a major policy shift regarding Russia, moving from a position of non-intervention to one of increased willingness to head off Russia’s nuclear aggression by reminding them of the US’s own atomic arsenal. The United States is now conducting its own bomber flights at levels that had not been seen in decades. Most recently, we witnessed a simulated nuclear attack utilizing B-52 bombers flying across a polar trajectory. We reported on this back in June of this year, though it went mostly unreported by most mainstream media. Our Russian counterparts did not take lightly to this act, which was a clear message to Russia that if they chose to use their nuclear forces, then the US has and always will be ready to respond in kind.

Russia continues to mobilize its forces in the form of snap drills with its nuclear tirade, meanwhile, the U.S. is just now beginning to up the ante by responding with similar exercises. Russia continues to meddle in Eastern Europe, specifically with the annexation of Crimea and by fueling the current conflict in Eastern Ukraine. In addition, Syria is also being used to expand Russia’s sphere of influence, while also doing damage to many Western objectives.

There is major difference this time around as compared to the events of the previous century. For example, both sides are primarily capitalistic now and the technological means to strike each other effectively already exists. Existing similarities are ongoing proxy wars and large enough arsenals to destroy one another many times over. So if not an arms race or a difference in ideology, what could be fueling this new cold war? To put it simply, Russian President Vladimir Putin wishes to rebuild the great Russian Federation and he’s made clear that military force will be used to do so when necessary.

With this new aggression coming from Russia, the threat of nuclear war is climbing once again. The United States has now publicly acknowledged this and is demonstrating willingness to make use of its own nuclear deterrence. This new cold war may be a different breed of animal than the last, but on the flip side there could be even more of a threat this time around. This is primarily because the new conflict is over land and control of resources, as oppose to a mere ideology.

As we strive to inform the public of the unthinkable, it is important to learn the steps to be taken in the event of a nuclear attack. Americans should not think that just because we’re in the 21st century, the threat of nuclear war no longer exists. On the contrary, it may be more likely than ever before.

Written by
Defcon Warning System

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The War Monitor

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  1. Wasn’t it President OSAMA that arrogantly said once, “The 1980s called, and they want their foreign policy back.” Well terrorist in chief, are you happy now? Not only have you erased any gains we have made in terrorism, but you also put us right back into a cold war. Our greatest enemies couldn’t have done a better job destroying this country. With RULERS like this, who needs enemies?

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