Did Something Happen in the Arctic?


Vladimir Putin, appearing to be in robust good health, surprised the world by meeting with the president of Kyrgyzstan, on March 16, following 10 days of unexplained absence, while his 38,000 soldiers, 56 ships and submarines, 110 planes and helicopters practiced their military readiness in the Baltic and Arctic regions.

The military airwaves began to buzz with greatly heightened numbers of top priority messages and the website Defcon Warning Systems dropped it’s many years normal status of DEFCON 5, to DEFCON 3. The moderators of the privately owned Defcon Warning Systems site are not quick to draw their guns, and are very conservative when it comes to changing the site’s alert status.

Twitter exploded with tweets regarding a ‘skirmish’ that was taking place in the Arctic between Russia and the United States. They mentioned not only this battle taking place, but listeners heard American pilots crying about “Heavy Losses”.


The press was ominously silent. This all happened a few weeks ago. Opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was killed on February 27th, no security cameras caught the act, which took place in one of the most highly guarded locations in Moscow. Nobody was watching.

Mainstream media never made any mention of the tweets or skirmishes, the radio calls might as well not have happened. Media have blacked out several events, recently. Why not more? An example of this is when the U.S. began to panic over a potential Ebola epidemic. For days, it was all over the news, then suddenly, in a matter of a couple of hours, it just quit. We recall the Center for Disease Control taking massive amounts of heat for the way they were handling Ebola cases in the nation, as well as President Obama downplaying the entire crisis, primarily for his unwillingness to suspend flights coming from regions where an outbreak of the disease was taking place.

It would not be surprising that mainstream media would sit on a story, even if they had been informed about any so-called skirmishes taking place in the Arctic. Why? Because it’s quite clear by now that our current Administration does not want to cause any panic, even if there were times when such a reaction might be warranted. “Nothing here, move along!” is the order of the day, in the People’s Repbulic of Amerika.


Our information about what happened on March 15th is limited, all we can do is speculate. There are however, some facts:

Russia was conducting a massive drill in the Arctic, and the Russian Northern Fleet was brought to full combat alert at 8:00 a.m. Moscow time (05:00 GMT), on March 16, 2015. This was to be a 5 day test of Russian readiness to attack countries in several directions at once.

The United States and Canada are known to have flights over or very near the region where these Russian forces were training. That being said, it wouldn’t have taken much, for a small incident to quickly spiral out of control.


A few hours after the unconfirmed “Skirmish”, Canada reported that one of their ships had been buzzed earlier, by Russian aircraft. This is certainly believable when you consider the many near misses Russian planes have risked over the passed year. What was strange about this particular event was that NATO denied that ever happened, despite the fact that Canadian Minister of National Defence, Jason Kenney, said: “Since arriving in the Black Sea, Royal Canadian Navy sailors have been confronted by Russian warships and buzzed by Russian fighter jets.”

Granted that this took place in the Black Sea, what if it had taken place near Canada’s Northern border? Let’s take a look at this scenario:

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If a U.S. or Canadian ship had fired at any approaching Russian aircraft, with Russia already training not far from that particular region, the Russian reaction would be a given. Naturally, Canadian fighters would see those fighters coming, and respond in kind!

NATO has, to date, been very conservative with regard to letting these Russian Buzzes get to them. However, had this happened close to the mainland of the U.S. or Canada, there would probably be a completely different reaction.

The U.S. seldom loses a plane in a dogfight. The public is always told that pilot error, accidents, or technical malfunctions are at fault for any losses. Fighting between the U.S., it’s allies, and Russia, where aerial dogfights could very well take place, might mean heavy losses for both sides, and this could happen any day now. The U.S., Canada, and NATO countries have planes in the air, and ships in every ocean.

A primary source for the March 15th information was “radio chatter”. There is a strong argument stating that important communications would be encrypted, and likely take place via satellite. This is probably true, even though Radio is still commonly used by our military.

The biggest question is, if this had happened, why did it de-escalate so quickly? Many stated that it could have simply been a drill, which I have to admit is a big possibility. NATO’s increase in preparedness is no secret, but we should all be concerned. This is especially true when it comes to increased Skyking messages being included in these drills. These types of messages are used to carry special and urgent messages from those with the highest of authority to our military forces. They are coded and nobody knows what the code means because it is changed immediately after each message is sent.

It has come to my attention from a reliable source, that these types of messages are used over the radio in the event of nuclear war, where it has been assumed that radio would be the most reliable form of communication, in a post-nuclear scenario.

I have personally confirmed with my own radio equipment, that these messages did in fact take place. There were more frequent messages and many more of them.

If a battle did take place, and there was no other way to use the traditional channels of encrypted communication, broadcasting over the open air would be an obvious choice. Many, if not most military messages sent over the radio are carefully coded, but what if an event escalated so quickly, that there simply wasn’t time to use the code book? Where aviators from many countries might be involved, perhaps open communications could be the rule of the day? Again this is all speculation, based on what we know.

The Administrator at Defcon Warning System made this statement in regard to the “Big event”:

At approx 4 PM PDT, we started hearing unusual chatter on military channels, including an inordinate amount of traffic directed at Skyking with authentication.

As the night progressed, we were hearing reports of what appeared to be two air battles between US and Russian forces. More chatter, and then the radios went silent at about 4:45 AM PDT after what was referred to as “snap count” and an order for radio silence.

At 5:30 AM 3-16-15, after 45 minutes of radio silence, we turned over the DEFCON Warning System to our night crew to continue monitoring media for information.

Given the Site Owner’s history, it would seem that they had a legitimate reason to take the site to DEFCON 3. In fact, even if these events had not occurred, I personally don’t think that we are currently at DEFCON 5, given all the madness taking place in the world today. Since our true Defence Condition status is not available to the public, we may never know.

Skyking and other “Emergency Action” Messages (EAM’s), aren’t supposed to be understood by the general public, there is some ground to avoid panic and protect people from mass hysteria, as there should be.

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We, the people however must NOT be sheep. I don’t want my family to die in their beds, when I can do something about it. Neither should you.

If you were reading this in hopes of finding the truth about the events of mid-March, 2015, then I’m afraid that you’re going to walk away disappointed. However, It’s not an over-statement to make the claim that this type of thing CAN happen. If one small accident or mis-communication should take place during these drills, it could in fact lead to such a skirmish, and such a skirmish can, in fact, lead us into World War Three.

These are dangerous times, regardless of how much our own government wants to downplay world events. Iran and North Korea are nothing more than a smoke screen to cover up a very real threat that Americans should be prepared for… Russia and their huge arsenal of nuclear weapons.

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